Ezera Research Fellowship at University of California in USA 2021

Applications are welcome from adequately qualified candidates for the Ezera Research Fellowship at University of California in the United States.

The prominent University of California is a state-owned academic research institution situated in Berkeley, California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With 10 campuses, 273,179 scholars, 22,700 staff members, 154,900 faculty members, and over 2 million active past employees, the University of California is rated as being the 31st top university globally.

The Colleges, Facilities, and the past scholars of the University of California have made it the world’s biggest and deepest system of post-secondary education, with an economic impact of almost $50 billion yearly. The University of California provides financial aid to campuses and candidates through systemic programs and funding.

An endowmentwas created in memory of Emeka Kalu Ezera to financially assist graduate students from African nations south of the Sahara at the University of California at Berkeley. The funds from the endowment are allotted to the Center for African Studies to assist scholars at the graduate level focusing in African Studies. Funds may be requested for travel, maintenance, or research expenses, as appropriate to improve pre-dissertation and dissertation research on Africa. Ezera funds may be utilised to complement, but not replace, other grants. Candidates are implored to apply to other sources, like the Rocca grant. Presently, grants from the Ezera fund will be in the range of $500 to $1000. In granting awards, the Center sticks to the cap on stipends set by the Graduate Division, which in 2016 was $34,000 – in total for all fellowship awards granted.

The Ezera Research Fellowship affords priority to graduate students from West Africa who display excellent promise of progressing scholarship in African Studies in the social sciences, humanities, and public policy and who display strong leadership prospect. Candidates from other African regions are qualified and are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have been approved for admission at the University of California at Berkeley when they put in and must be enrolled before funds may be paid to them. The fellowship program is not obtainable to candidates who are permanent residents or nationals of the United States. A total of no more than two years of assistance will be offered to a beneficiary of this fellowship program; applications for the second year of assistance will be reviewed de novo together with other applications for that year. See the application for details.

Ezera Research Fellowship Description:

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Ezera Research Fellowship program at the University of California is now open for application from Africans candidates.

  • Host University: University of California;
  • Host Country: USA;
  • Study Level: PhD;
  • Scholarship Worth: 1,000$;
  • Eligible Nations: African Students;
  • Application Deadline: February 8, 2021.

Degree Level:

  • African candidates presently pursuing a PhD program at the school can benefit from the scholarship program.

Available Subjects:

  • The Ezera Research Fellowship program gives priority to qualified West African graduate candidates who have displayed great potential to develop research in social sciences, humanities, and public policy fields.

Benefits of Ezera Research Fellowship

  • Funding for travel, interview, or research costs, as required, may be requested to support research before the conclusion of the PhD program and to enhance the quality of work in Africa;
  • The scholarship award value is $1,000.

Eligibility for Ezera Research Fellowship

To be admitted, the applicants have to satisfy all of the conditions listed below:

  • Candidates are required to be enrolled in a PhD Program at the University of California, Berkeley;
  • Candidates applying are required to display an interest in advancing the African Studies Fellowship;
  • Successful applicants have to be African, with preference for candidates from West Africa;
  • Candidates require an admission to the University of California, Berkeley.

How to Apply for Ezera Research Fellowship

To apply, applicants are required to register on the Commission’s official website. Successful nominees are strongly implored to fill out and submit the form before the closing date for registration, as requests handed in late will not be given consideration.

Official Website


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