University of North Texas Excellence Scholarships 2020

University of North Texas Excellence Scholarships 2020
UNT is pleased to offer excellence scholarships to new beginner students who have proven themselves in academic success. There are five levels of excellence awards.

Excellence Scholarship Award Level Annual Award* Duration Total Award
President’s Scholarship $10,000/year 4 years $40,000
Dean’s Scholarship $8,000/year 4 years $32,000
North Texas Scholarship $6,000/year 4 years $24,000
Eagle Scholarship $4,000/year 4 years $16,000
Scrappy Scholarship $1,000/year 4 years $4,000
*Subject to annual renewal criteria described below.

The level of the scholarship is determined taking into account the classification and performance of a student at SAT or ACT. Please note that the classification or success of a specific class in a standardized test does not guarantee receipt of an excellence scholarship or a specific reward level. Students must meet the UNT minimum admission requirements to be considered for a UNT Excellence Scholarship.

The scholarship estimator can help you determine the level of scholarship for which you may be eligible. The actual level of the scholarship will be based on your official academic records used for admission to the UNT.

For 2020 graduate students: Access our UNT Excellence Scholarship Estimator and apply to UNT today. Scholarship offers for first year students in fall 2020 will start in fall 2019!

To be eligible for the UNT Excellence Scholarship, a student must be:

A first year student admitted to UNT for the fall term immediately after graduation from high school.
Admitted by March 1, 2020. Students are advised to apply no later than February 1 to allow sufficient time for processing.
A full-time student taking a minimum of 12 UNT hours each fall and spring semester.
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Non-Texas residents
Eligible non-Texas residents and international students are also considered for the UNT Excellence Scholarships.
Non-residents of Texas and international students who receive an excellence scholarship qualify for state tuition fees for the following fall, spring and summer terms.
Non-resident Excellence Scholarship recipients living outside of Texas while taking UNT courses (typically online) are charged an Out-of-State Teaching Fee (OSTF) in lieu of tuition and instructional fees. This fee must cover the cost of instruction and is set by each academic department annually. Excellence Scholarship recipients paying OSTF do NOT qualify for in-state tuition rates.
Consideration regarding University of North Texas Excellence Scholarships
Students are automatically considered for the UNT Excellence Scholarships when they are admitted to the UNT. Eligible students will receive a notification via their assigned Eagle Connect email along with additional instructions to confirm receipt of their scholarship.
Excellence awards are competitive, merit awards and are subject to available funding. Priority is given to the first candidates.
We encourage future students to fill out the General Scholarship Application and explore all the scholarships offered by UNT. We also recommend that students complete the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) in order to fully consider other financial assistance possibilities.

Annual renewal
The UNT Excellence Scholarships offer four years of support for obtaining a bachelor’s degree for students who meet the renewal requirements:

Maintain continuous registration and take a minimum of 12 UNT hours each fall and spring;
Maintain a cumulative minimum GPA UNT of 3.25; and
Complete a minimum of 24 hours UNT each year in the fall and spring


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