Best Top Gold Stocks for 2020

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When there is perception of market turmoil, most investors usually go for gold as a safe haven asset. It is even possible for them to make a type of indirect investment in gold by simply purchasing shares of mining and related companies that are vast in gold production. Are you also willing to go for gold stock this year? Then this article is right for you.

As explained, it only depends on the business models and structures of most companies as they might likely not be directly influenced by the price of gold as a direct investment in gold itself.

Lately, gold market seems to be trending and it is essential to have insight into the gold technical chart for the year before making conclusion. If you get above $1,600, then it is easy to trend a new high above $1,935. If this situation happens, the gold miners would find it easy to do excellently well due to the fact that every dollar that gold rises above $1,500 applies leverage to a gold miner’s share price.

Money is what you need to have in gold business because it cost a lot of money to mine; it cost money to find more gold to maintain your reserves too. It is a simple scenario that the better a company’s balance sheet, the stronger their share price.

As a gold mining investor, it is necessary to consider some things such as finding a quality property, get a location to be low to moderate risk at least, try to operate margins to be good so that you will be able to have solid free cash flow, have a strong balance sheet that offers you the opportunity to explore new mines and acquire new mines, well profiled management, get a pipeline for growth that will enhance more production.

Potential Risk

While it is true that gold is trending on the chart for the year, there is always a possibility of false breakout. In case the gold price drop, the gold miners will earn low. Most investors usually exhibit very little patience to maintain their position anytime the gold prices drop hence there is extreme volatility in this business.

Best Value Gold Stocks

Here are the gold stocks with the lowest 12-month trailing price-to-earnings ratio for this year. In most cases, profits are given to shareholders in form of dividends and buybacks. So when there is a low P/E ratio shows you are paying less for each dollar of profit you generated.

· K92 Mining Inc.: The Canada-based K92 Mining is a mineral exploration and production Company that focused on the Kainantu mine in Papua New Guinea. In January 2020, this firm made official pronouncement of the completion of several key methods in the expansion of mining facilities in the Kainantu area. This Company’s 12-monthly trailing P/E is 10.7, their market cap is 0.7 with price of CA$3.51.

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